A Multidimensional experience

The Invitation

“Working for yourself is awesome!”, said the overwhelmed and energetically drained entrepreneur.

Forget about taking days off. Since you fly solo, you can scratch that off the table, because you have responsibilities.


You’re here because you want someone who understands your entrepreneurial mind, can intuitively download what you (and your business needs) and be fully supportive in those moments when you lose your shit, because another “opportunity/lesson” reared it head!

Together, we’ll transform that state of being into its Sacred Sovereignty, so you can move as your highest potential.

You’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur with big dreams and big ideas.

You’ve done the work and still feel as if something’s missing.

Energetic healing for your business could be what makes all the difference.

Revolutionizing the way you move through your healing.

With a strong emphasis on radical self-love, and me as your virtual ally, we will work together to create an action plan that allows you to live in your truth, so that you can begin the process of becoming unapologetically you.

I meet you where you are right now—with unconditional love, support and guidance.

Together, you’ll become strong enough to make higher-octave responses to what life sends your way.

You’ll fully know what it means to live from a place of sovereignty and to trust your intuition as your ultimate guide.

The moment you break free from doing only what’s expected of you and step into what you truly desire to do, there will be some resistance.

That resistance is a sign that your work is on purpose and as a result, you’ll need extra support to navigate it.

My energetic healing and virtual assistant service will help you break free from feeling overwhelmed, so you can play full-out while creating (or scaling) a business that works for you—and not you for it!

Welcome to the next level.

A Full Service Experience

Sacred Sovereignty

True Sovereignty requires Integration, or rather the balancing of all aspects of fully manifesting who you are.

This is not a radical independence, but an achieved integration that helps establish deep wisdom, clear communication and a deep sense of self-trust while simultaneously being fully supported in your business.

Your multidimensional experience includes:

+WEEKLY 75-Minute Energy Healing Sessions (Personal)

+WEEKLY 60-Minute Support Calls (Business)

+Online Business Management: (This will get the budding entrepreneur started or help the scaling entrepreneur fix what’s gone astray.)

  • Automation: Streamlining current systems and processes includes social media and email marketing (setting up and scheduling social media posts on FB, IG and YT; business profiles only)
  • Website Management: Set up blog posts and sales/landing pages (templated), daily audit (includes data cleanup, updating, site security management)
  • Customer Service: Set up or streamline billing, ordering and tech support, onboarding for your clients/customers
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Video/Audio Transcription (3 hours max per month)
  • Graphic design (create presentations, social media graphics)
  • Basic reporting: eCommerce Management: Set up store, funnels, segmentation, etc.(eCommerce data for transactions and email, social media insights)
  • Project Management: Devise launch plan of new products or revamp existing ones (includes affiliate management + access to private Slack channel and Trello board) *launch date must be within 6 weeks.

My end goal is for you to be able to show up, knowing that everything is done and ready to go.

black and white photo of woman covering face while standing in front of mirror

It is in the void that everything exists. It is in solitude that you fall in love with yourself.

Because everything is contained in nothingness.

Marco Pealta, A Message from – The Hathors

“You’re not responsible for anyone’s happiness or suffering. 

You’re only responsible for your own experience.

Marco Peralta, The Arcturians

woman in elegant dress standing in front of mirror

When you stand firmly in your Sovereignty, you can neither be contained nor controlled.

If you’re longing for balance within your mind, body and soul, so you can step into your purpose in a sustainable way—growing your business in a magical way while you move into complete alignment with your highest potential and Divine Timing then…

Let’s do this!

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