You’re blind because you’re afraid of disruption—which is why you’re often (and easily) “triggered” and have to constantly manage what shows up.

You’re blind because you’re afraid of being an original—which is why you copy what others instead of actually showing up authentically.

You’re blind because you’re afraid to hold yourself accountable (and responsible) for everything that’s shown up in your life—The good. The bad. The OMFG!

You’re blind because you’re afraid to obliterate your comfort zones—preferring to remain small, hiding from your true power.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Charles Darwin

You need to be pushed to your limits—over the edge of your comfort zones—and into the abyss!

I’m disruptive—immensely chaotic—and I’m going to strip away your masks and lay bare your soul.

I’m going to push you head-first into the dark and witness you re-emerge as something you once thought unimaginable.

You are the architect of this game.

You can continue to play small—being a carbon copy of everyone else—or you can take the plunge, be burnt to your core and rise as a Phoenix.

A Full Service Experience With A Unique Twist

/sākrəd səbˈmiSHən/

  • the action or fact of accepting or yielding to a superior force (which is you BTW)

Your multidimensional experience includes:

WEEKLY activating mentoring calls (+ 2 calls a month to discuss your business)

DAILY text check-ins (+ access to your own private Slack channel)

You’ll also receive BACKEND business support!

  • Customer Service: Billing, order, and tech support for your clients/customers
  • Copywriting (website, sales/landing pages, email, social media)
  • Data Analytics: Weekly reports of eCommerce transactions, email marketing (broadcasts & campaigns), social media
  • Design: Create presentations, event and social media graphics (includes puzzle/post grids [Instagram], Stories])
  • eCommerce: Full management of platform (set up broadcasts, campaign, segmentation, etc.)
  • Editing: Proofreading documents, audio transcription
  • Project Management: Manage launch of new products or revamp existing ones (includes affiliate management if applicable + access to private Slack channel and Trello board)
  • Social Media: Full management of Facebook and Instagram business accounts, YouTube
  • Website Support: Set up blog posts and sales/landing pages (templated), daily audit (includes data cleanup, updating, site security management)
black and white photo of woman covering face while standing in front of mirror

“All the space behind the mirror

will become dark…

and all the space in front of the mirror

will acquire an exalted illumination.”

woman in elegant dress standing in front of mirror

Chaos cannot be contained or controlled.

Are you ready to unravel from everything you were programmed to believe in order to step fully into the chaotic space—the unmanifested potential of your true being?

Stop hiding in the light.

To do real work, you must:

Be willing to completely unravel from the container (and be seen while doing it).

Be willing to allow your field of give-a-f*cks to become barren.

Be willing to fully submit to the chaotic formlessness and manifest like never before.

It’s Time To Unravel And Unleash Your Beautiful Chaos!

© 2008 – ∞ Adonya Wong

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