November 9, 2016

Sekhmet: Stand In Your Power

“The Illuminated Lioness” known as Sekhmet has been in my thoughts a lot lately.  I initially thought it was because I was being called to work with her. However, I have since come to realize that She has been presenting herself in order to remind ME of who I am.

Sekhmet is a fierce warrior Goddess who doesn’t take any shit from anybody.

Many fear her.

Many want to tame her.

And many simply want to be (embody) her.

The latter is me.

I am being reminded that although things around the world may seem f___ed up right now and bleak that I am the Creator of this experience.

I being reminded that nothing can manifest in my reality without my consent.

I am reminded that nothing can take my power; that it is I who control where my power goes and how it is to be used.

So, whatever is my focus… there my power will be.

Sekhmet Speaks

I am you

In your highest form.




See yourself

From this space.

Defeat the battles

That rage within you.

Stand firm

In Your Power

And be whole!

Focusing on the outcome of this election makes me feel depleted and beaten. Yet, when I plant my feet firmly on the ground, I feel my energy strengthen… and once again, feel whole.

Sekhmet is that kundalini energy coiling up and down my spinal column; bridging the gap between the Great Central Sun, my Body and the Heart of Gaia.

So, while perusing the University of Google’s research Department, I came upon the following picture that left me breathless and in awe.

Of all the images of Sekhmet.. this is the one that called to me.

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As I look upon this majestic rendition of Her, I see myself.

How can I not!

As a Veteran, this image reminds me of my warrior spirit and protective nature.

And I am, once again, reminded of just how powerful, beautiful, and fearsome I am!



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