January 16, 2012

Serpentine: The Kundalini Awakener

Are you ready to get your kundalini on and set your world ablaze?

Pimpin’ Gemstones™

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Gaze upon this gemmylicious bauble, and feel the energy rise from your Root to your Crown.

Allow the serpent within you to dance along your spine; enlivening every aspect of your beingness as it journeys upward.

Meditate upon this high frequency energy infused image and pay close attention to where you are focusing your attention.

Blaze the fires of passion in your heart, and invite your ego to be a partner in your Divine plan!

If you are truly ready to tap into your full potential as well as access the “spiritual history of the Earth” then Serpentine is your Gal Friday!

Bring peace and joy to yourself and the world.

Allow your Higher Self to bring the energy of this stone into every fiber of your being.  Allow yourself to let what needs to come up do so. As you release the feelings of powerlessness, you will move forward in such a way that you truly become the… creator of your own reality.



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