January 16, 2017

Shutting Out The World

It is not uncommon for us Empaths to isolate ourselves. We do so because too often we feel overwhelmed by the world and become overloaded with the energies we are perceiving.

Such has been the case for me since January 29, 2015.

Interestingly enough, my spiritual respite came by way of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Yup! “Sin City” has afforded me the space I needed to recuperate and regroup.

I am just now coming out of my isolation.

Once again, open to being in the world and offering more of myself to it.

Since coming out of my cocoon, I have felt an ever-increasing “need” to be of greater service.

The work I have been doing (my living) has increasingly become disharmonious with where I see myself going.

The fit no longer feels aligned with what I know is true for me.

I have been prompted to continue to write; to continue to openly share my journey.

Perhaps, in this sharing, others will find their “place in this world”, and feel more at peace with where they are now and where they are headed.

I no longer feel unsafe.

I no longer feel like I cannot live the life I desire.

I no longer feel disconnected.

Even in the light of the upcoming Presidential Inauguration… I am okay with what is to come.

Such is the gift of Soul Respite.

When we consciously choose to isolate ourselves, we are giving to ourselves the necessary healing and releasing of that which no longer serves. And simultaneously (allowing) opening ourselves to receive those frequencies that do.

Time may be a human construct. However, it is a necessary part of the healing we need while in physical form.

If we do not allow ourselves the time to be tucked away from it all, we will never birth into our best selves.

May your respite offer you the strength to share your gifts… and, once again, be a part of this beautiful dream. #EmpathHealing

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