July 6, 2010

The Spiritual Message In Autism

With so many children being diagnosed with Autism every day, it is easy for someone to feel hopeless, shameful, guilty, angry, and/or resentful.

Why? Because the lessons from our upbringings taught us that anything that wasn’t considered to be normal was somehow wrong.  So, when a parent listens to a doctor delivering the diagnosis, these feelings can come forward in a fevered rush, and oftentimes, a sense of abandonment jumps on for the ride.

But what if there was actually more to Autism than what we believe it to be?  What if these children came forth to help expand consciousness to a new level?

What if…

As a parent to a son who was diagnosed with autism over 5 years ago, I’ve experienced many of these emotions… and more.  I found myself going inward, wallowing in my own feelings of self-pity, and not seeing him at all.  Many times, I even thought that I was being punished in some way, or that my wild days had come back to haunt me through this diagnosis I knew nothing about.

Like many parents of newly diagnosed children, I found myself looking for answers and support online, but with over 1,000,000 references*, I was left feeling more hopeless and overwhelmed.

Today, my perception of my son’s “mysterious” world fills me with a sense of wonder, and I am in awe of his gentle and joyful disposition.  At times, I am dumbfounded by this precious soul who, more often than not, awakes with a smile on his face and laughs himself to sleep.  He is so happy, so content, so “in the vortex” as Abraham would say.

Could Autism be “the key” that so many people are seeking?

And what if… I tried it his way?

What if… he came into this life to help me?

What if…

My son may have the Autism “label”, but it doesn’t define who he is as a person.  Like all of us, he’s here to experience life and, through it, expand to a greater sense of awareness, purpose, and meaning.

He’s a gifted artist with a great sense of humor who gives love freely to anyone who wants to receive it.

Autism very well may be the catalyst to shift us towards a better world filled with more compassion, empathy, understanding, and love.

Byron Katie once said, “There are A Thousand Names for Joy“… and I believe Autism is one of them.

* Internet results are now over 68.5M! (as of today)



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