September 3, 2013

Starseed, Phone Home!

As a species, we oftentimes struggle with the notion that we are “of the stars”. Yet, here we are spinning around at an insane speed… among the stars.

Is it any surprise that the balm our souls may need to better integrate this reality could come from a specimen… that allegedly came to this realm billions of years ago… from the stars?

Whenever I feel like a “restless” Spirit, I find that the balm, or healing crystal, I reach for the most is Moldavite*.  Moldavite also calls to me when great change, or transformation, is about to make its presence known in my life. Change, or transformation, that is very much anticipated by me and invoked by me through my intentions.

Today is a Moldavite day!   It called, and I answered!

So Starseed… what crystal is calling you home?

*(There is a ton of information on other sites, and in books, about this stone, and I encourage you to research away. This lovely site has their very own eco-friendly, conscious mine. Oh, and their Moldavite babies are über deelish!!!)

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