October 21, 2008


I thought I would share a communique between me and the folks of the title of this post.

My note to them:

It is of my opinion, that if we focused more on bringing the dire need for
funding for autism research (to find the true cause),  just maybe we’d see a
decline in the media coverage for the great celebrity-vaccine debate.

There is a saying that says, “What you think about, you bring about.”

Perhaps, having a site titled, “Stop Jenny” will only fuel the fire she’s

Perhaps, having a site titled, “Stop Jenny”, will only bring her further
attention to her ’cause’… and even increase the size of her “army”.

These are just my thoughts.  I’m just a mom… raising a son with autism…
and I don’t think he’s vaccine-injured.  🙂

Their response:

We do hope to bring more attention to Jenny, and to her misinformation.  We
hope that by bringing attention to the reasons why she is wrong, that it
will help people to figure out what to ask her when they end up with her on
their TV and talk shows.  It will also help parents to better understand why
some people don’t agree with her, people like pediatricians that Jenny puts
down on shows like The View.

Jenny and Dr. Jay (who wrote the foreword in Jenny’s book) have brought so
much attention to themselves, that it is all that anyone can do to catch up
to them in any way.  The true believers will never be convinced that she
could be in any way wrong, but we hope some parents will think about what
Jenny claims and learn why vaccines are even used.  I was much less afraid
of vaccines after I knew how they were made and how they cause immunity.  We
are all much less afraid of something once we see it for what it is.  We are
not just bringing attention to Jenny, but to how things really work.

After seeing Dr. Jay back paddle after being questioned about what he wrote
in the foreword of Jenny’s book is what we hope to see more of by outlining
what is truly wrong with what both of them claim.  In her book he says
vaccines cause autism.  On today’s blog comments after an article by Orac:

he says they “might” cause autism.  Which is it?  Why is he so sure in
Jenny’s book, but back paddles when confronted by his peers and audience?

If we find we are doing more harm than good, then we will pull the site.
However, we feel that the information presented will only get better and
help many people in the long run.

If you’ve visited this site, what do you think of the message their sending?

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