January 23, 2009

Stopping the Hatred.

Disclaimer: The quotes within this post are not for the sensitive.

Another week has passed, and most of it seems like a blur to me now.   I’ve been so busy with my virtual book tour that it almost feels like I’ve been online, all day, every day of this week.

Regardless, I still have blogging to do that doesn’t have a thing to do with my tour.

So, let’s get on with it… shall we?

This week’s Freaky Friday post goes to a young woman named Tanja (Koch) Fleischer who, much to my chagrin, waged a flaming war against autism last summer.

If you are easily offended, please know that I post quotes in their entirety to show you just how hateful people are towards our community.

I post them in hopes that you will understand just what our children are up against today… but hopefully, not tomorrow.

This is what Tanja had to say…

People who take care of Autistic people should think about this; with the six million dollars they will spend on the child’s life and never have the child contribute anything meaningful to society, a third of the money could be used on a poor girl who lives in an orphanage and gets beaten and raped when ever the boys she lives with feel like. The money could give her a better place to live and a good education so that she would be able to contribute to society when she grows up, and most importantly not live in a shit hole.

The following is Tanja’s view of autism.  And yes, this quote is also vile.

Autism is a mental disease that causes its sufferers to run away from any place where people are socializing, have strict routines of random bullshit, and act like an overall fucktard. Many Autistic children never learn to speak, their parents say it’s because they have nothing to say, but really they hate everyone. Autistic children will never grow out of their retardation, but rather change their symptoms throughout their miserable lives. This makes it difficult to say what Autistic children will do. Although articles about Autism mention Autistic children, it is important to realize that because Autism is permanent, its sufferers remain retards as adults. What can be said for sure about what Autistic retards will do is between the ages of 4 (most are diagnosed around this time even though their parents see the symptoms as early as 2) to 20 they will rarely speak, will have meltdowns constantly, throw and break things, ask their parents why they don’t kill their younger siblings, have highly disturbed fantasies of violence, draw disturbed pictures of violence, beat the crap out of siblings and peers, make disturbed threats, act like a toddler, view every single person as an object, not realize their imaginary friends are real (Autistitards can’t have an imagination so they must actually be hearing voices), focus all their attention on one part of an object resulting in weird sights such as spinning the wheel on a toy car over 9000 times (Muslims must be Autistic because they only focus on one part of a woman), and embarrass their families in public (sometimes by masturbating).

Apparently, her hatred towards our community stems from an alleged rape, when she was 15, by a young man who supposedly had autism.

The following is her “story”, and it is even more disturbing than what you’ve read so far.

In late 2005, 15 year old Tatjana arrived near Washington from Essen. While at school, she met a boy named Alex who had Asperger’s Syndrome. Tanja did not realize this because Alex was one of the few Asspies without the usual deformed face created by God to allow the ladies to easily tell which boys were Asspies. When Alex saw how attractive Tanja was, he decided he was going to strain every social complex in his brain to start a relationship with her. Being blonde, Tanja never noticed anything strange about Alex. That was until he offered to give her a ride home from school. Alex, instead of driving Tanja home, decided to drive out into the woods far away. Researchers have been unable to determine the cause or motivation, but it is likely that he decided to rape her because he is an Asspie and doesn’t know shit about society, Asspies are all devoted followers of the Koran, or Alex was just a sick fuck. Anyway, Alex raped Tanja and at the end she escaped and reported what had happened. Much like in Saudi Arabia, there was mass drama and the people insisted that because Alex was an Asspie, he was the victim because he was so phochtaded. (Fucktarded, Fucking Retarded.) This all gave Tanja a terrible impression of the United States; and she reported its levels of retardation and anti-lulz on her return to Germany. Tanja was a strong girl and thankfully did not become an attention whore and or a feminazi as the result of her experience; she still remains a normal person to this day. Tanja lives in an apartment in Essen, Germany and has a boyfriend named Willie; Alex is currently in a Virginia state prison and regularly gets beaten for complaining about other inmates uniforms not being ironed properly- he never stops because he is too socially retarded to realize why he gets beaten.

I do not know whether or not this event actually happened, but I do know that she has done quite a job spewing hatred all over the internet.

There used to be a Facebook group advising people that all boys with autism were rapists with this pic as the “logo”.

And there was also a YouTube video stating the same.

Can you imagine how damaging this type of “media” was to our community?  Let’s just say, folks from all over, ASD or not, were in an uproar.

Thankfully, both were removed.

I actually feel sorry for her.

As a parent advocate, it is my responsibility to be the voice of my son.  It is also my responsibility to remain calm because getting angry serves no one.

Besides, I’ve been angry before, very angry.  Need I remind you of the spiritual healing journey I’ve been on the past few years to help me overcome these negative emotions?

I’m thankful that whatever I’ve been reading or listening to or basically, paying attention to has apparently been working, because I am remarkably calm right now.


Here are my hopes…

I am hopeful that, one day soon,  people like Tanja will open their eyes and see that being negative only begets more negativity.

I am hopeful that, one day soon, people like Tanja will gain compassion and empathy for not only people with autism, but for everyone in the special needs community.

I am hopeful that, one day soon, people like Tanja will come to realize that our children… will be adults someday… and, well, they may not be so nice when it comes to dealing with people like her.

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