September 11, 2016

[Sunday Soul Food] “I hold In My Hands…”

Just for today… I invite you to sit back, clear your mind, and allow your Spirit to be transformed by these words written nearly 15 years ago by then 11-year old Aaron Walsh.  9/11… through the eyes of a child.

I hold in my hands…
The dust.
The dust and wreckage of the towers.
Even though I wasn’t there,
I can still feel it.
It has damaged my hands with dirt.
It has damaged my heart with sorrow.
It has damaged my body with fear,
and it has damaged my life with war.

I hold in my hands…
My life.
My life could soon be filled with war,
cruelty at its worst.
Miles away, I can hear the planes’ roaring engines, gliding through the air.

I hold in my hands…
My future.
My life ahead.
Whether it will be filled with war or peace, we will not know.
My future keeps me going from dawn to dusk.

I hold in my hands…
Hope for the future.
Hope for peace.
Hope for my country’s freedom.
And hope for America to win this war on terrorism.

© Aaron Walsh 2001

♥ We will never forget! ♥

[Post published at 8:46am Eastern in honor of when the first plane, AA Flight 11, took with it the lives aboard it and thousands in the North Tower when it crashed.]

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