April 10, 2016

[Sunday Soul Food] One Step Closer, One Look Back

Just for today… I invite you to sit back, clear your mind, and allow your Spirit to be transformed and your Soul uplifted by these words from Emma Jenny.

This is me merging from one to another,
my body still stuck in the life that I wondered.
My legs running fast, so my heart wants to follow,
searching for the volume to fill an empty hollow.
This is me merging.
Intentions unclear,
unable to distinguish my excitement from fear.
Long live the dreamer, abide with me forever.
Don’t let simple pleasures pull away my endeavors.
Expectations seems flawless, like a taste of rich meringue,
but I’ll try not forget the old songs I once sang.
And even if my legs do beat out my body,
and run straight towards something so folly,
I’ll always take heart to the things I once knew,
and every once in a while I’ll come straight back to you.
This is me merging.
One step closer.
One look back.

© 2014 Emma Jenny

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