September 18, 2016

[Sunday Soul Food] “The Concluding Months”

Just for today… allow these powerfully moving words by Maureen Moss to feed your Spirit.

Dearest Hearts,

As always, I pray you are well.

The pace quickens as another month falls behind us and our former selves fade further and further into the belonging to another time. Even memories appear to be suspended in another timeline as we insert ourselves into the presence of now, with far more ease.

As challenging (if not close to the razors edge) as life has been for most of us, it is apparent that grace stands very close to us now.

You may have noticed the quieting of your thinking mind and the increase of pure awareness coming to you… or that distortions of the outer world have less impact personally, though compassion comes more easily, as judgment fades.

Perhaps you’ve noticed normal tendencies and typical interests fleeing in lieu of curiosity emerging for something new… or that your attention and fascination has turned toward the emergence of your New Self, and away from lamenting what was?

Emotional resonance is being usurped by vibrational and soulular resonance and response. The scattered psychology of the human system is breaking down, while the absolute qualities of our One True Self emerges.

The end is near as humanity is catapulted out of captivity… waking up at warp speed now and to be continued through the end of 2016 when the 3D matrix… the 26,000 year template of humanity ends.

The end began in 1987, came closer to conclusion in 2012, and will complete its undeniable course in 2016, the year of completion. 2017 will begin to tell a different story globally, accompanied by humanities personal and collective re-write of their own story of Love.

The New Reality

For those in alignment with the New Reality… we say farewell to a matrix held in place by conflicting Dark and Light energies… each creative, seductive and impactful in their natures. One singular nature shall remain.

We also say farewell to the false nature of a humanity that composed their identity on what was gathered outside of themselves and then… falsely supported by it… built their life upon it.

Time and again, we fell for who we were not. Time and again, we gave our power away. Time and again, we innocently turned on ourselves.

No more.

Now we say farewell to the nature and consciousness that befriended illusion and lived in reverse truth for eons of time. Now we say hello to Love.

Not being done unto us… through our conscious efforts we are accomplishing what was once held as potential. Now, through the flurry of the end times and through the activity of awareness and Love, we must stabilize our efforts and integrate our awareness.

Throughout This Year

As we are literally swept through October, November and December, it is imperative to get to know yourself as you are becoming.

Command your focus, presence, Self-patience, Self-kindness, Self-awareness and Self-centeredness in every moment. Crucial it is to concentrate your Presence in a stabilized field long enough to let your True Self settle in.

In 2010, when the download was given to me to teach Birthing the Heart and Mind of God… for nine months… I was shocked. I couldn’t imagine teaching a class for that long. “Why nine months?”, I asked. Because a stabilized field must be created long enough for real change to occur, was the response.

During this period of escalation, when feelings of anxiety arise, know that you are experiencing hyper-dimensional realities coursing through your bodies in an attempt to clear you of imprints and traumas of this and former lives, removing old program operating systems, re-coding dormant DNA, and aligning you with your new Reality.

Trust you are being brought into harmony under the impulse of One system of operation.

Also, your Higher Self will consistently be transmitting vast amounts of heightened consciousness to you in an attempt to lead you forward with renewed vision and heart for your Life. Pay close attention.

Your relationship with your Higher Self will be of utmost importance in the months ahead. Invested solely on helping you insert yourself into your highest potential and taking you to the gates of your destiny, it is on your side 100% of the time.

In the winter of these end times, we have final goodbyes to make to our former selves; perhaps a few more tears to shed; some cellular debris and old coding of the former human template to purge; connections; welcoming and preparations for you; The New Human to embrace… and a whole new world to discover about your True Self.

We have a new opportunity to be engaged with Life… side-by-side with multi-multi dimensional support that goes far beyond our former knowing of guides.

We have the opportunity to feel free not trapped by our bodies, and we have the opportunity to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are so much more than human beings.

Your collaboration and determination to being sovereign and free as The New Human/Star Being that you are is to honor the promise you made to yourself long ago.

© 2016 Maureen Moss

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