November 20, 2016

[Sunday Soul Food] The Music of Your Soul

In 2010, I had the unique pleasure of hearing the music of my soul for the first. This experience came about at a time in my life when I needed something more than what I was already experiencing.

I was in my head space a lot and feeling like there was more in this life for me to know. Then Boyd Sibley entered my life and forever changed it.

The video below is the music that was channeled, through him, for me.  With every listen, I hear something new… and I experience something new.

With his permission, I am sharing it with the world.

May you receive from it all that I have been blessed to receive… and more.

Now, close your eyes… and enjoy. May this sharing uplift us all. ❤

Some of my thoughts after my first listen:

“Words cannot begin to even express how I felt as I listened to my soul’s song for the first time.

My physical self didn’t know whether to cry, or simply be as still as possible so not to miss out on a single note.

I have invested hundreds of dollars in music, and in all my years, I’ve never heard anything as beautiful as what you channeled for me. I could feel my auric field dancing to the many varied tones that filled my ears.

One minute, I felt I was being pulled to the right, the next, I was being pulled to the left.

It was all very magical, whimsical, surreal, and real.

I felt as if I was in a lucid dream… as never before have I received images while in such a deep state of relaxation. Although, they were not vividly clear, I did get the sense that they would become so with every listen.

When I heard tones that reminded me of Native American times of days gone by, I almost felt as if I had lived in that era. I do not doubt that this is not possible as those tones resonated to the deepest part of me.

I felt the same with other images, and I became acutely aware that I was perhaps being shown previous lifetimes… which really blew me away.”

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