May 15, 2013

Switchwords: Clearing Negativity

No, this is not a little diddy about a preferred sexual lifestyle, and there’s no judgment if that’s your schtick! This is merely a brief writing about how you can TRULY create an extraordinary life… simply by consciously entering The Theta Zone©!

Now, a lot has been written about the benefits and power of reaching Theta to manifest the life you want, and some of those bennies are improved learning abilities, increased creativity and energy, less stress, and an improved ability to heal. Talk about Knowing Thyself!

If being in Theta is so amazing and good for us… then why aren’t more people tapping in to it as often as possible???  Hard to believe, right?!?!?

It would seem that one of the biggest “reasons” people still use for not meditating is, “I don’t have enough time!” But, when you ditch the hamster wheel for the road of stillness, you will make a profound discovery. You will discover the infinite wellspring, “Holy Canolis! Where did all this “time” come from?!?!?!?” After all, “time” is something we groovy humans created!

As “time” continues to march on, we will also increase our ability to get stuff at nearly break-neck speeds. Right now, we can’t seem to get money fast enough from the ATMs, or feed the rarely satisfied beasts in our bellies at the drive thrus, or rapidly find more stuff during our visits to the Research Departments at the Universities of Google AND Bing! Stuff and more stuff needs to always, always be readily available, or we will go APE SHIT!!

So, if you are someone who’s still hanging out in More Zs, Please! Land of the Fa La La De Da Deesthen you will cling, to your very last breath, to that old, familiar argument that stopped serving your highest good so last century ago… the old “Well, yeah! You would think I have more time, but… ummmmmm, I just don’t! Who ARE you to tell me that I do?!?!?!?”

My, my… let’s not get all in a tizzy over that little old thing called, “time”!

Let’s awaken and expand our consciousness by taking in a deep, cleansing breath.

Now, mentally think of the Switchword, CANCEL, on the exhale!

Feeling better? Good!

As you can see you actually do have “time”!

One less smoke or coffee break.

One less visit with the co-worker(s).

One less “OMG” or “LOL” on Facebook or…

One less… (fill in the blank).

I encourage you to do this whenever you want to clear any thoughts that do not serve your highest purpose.

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