May 5, 2016

Switchwords: Fall Asleep In Less than 5 Minutes

Last night, I had a real bitch of a time falling sleep. Okay… a lot of it was attributed to all of the Moldavite I was wearing around my neck. But we are going to ignore that tidbit.


Even after I removed the stones, I still could not fall asleep.

Have you ever have that night when your mind simply refuses to submit like the bottom you know it to be… and shut down?

Well, last night was definitely that night for me.

So, as Spirit would have it, I suddenly heard, OFF“… in my thoughts.

Oh, how silly of me to forget about this juicy switchword.

OFF does a really good job at shutting down/turning OFF the mind. Plus, it can be used to eliminate a bad habit.

The moment I thought, “OFF”, I could feel my body getting heavy then I sank deeper into my bed. Before I knew it… my lights were out.

So, the next time you find yourself staring at the ceiling,  your mind racing a gazillion miles a second… give the switchword,“OFF”, a try and kiss your insomnia bon voyage!

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