June 20, 2020

Synchronizing with Your Destiny

What follows is powerful guidance from the Mayans lovingly translated by the creators of one of its human Oracles. As you read the words, I invite you to move into the center of your Being and connect with both the heart of the Galactic Center and the crystal heart of Gaia. Let go of everything that no longer serves and allow the power of this Solstice to transform you into your highest destiny NOW.

Caban Mayan Oracle
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“I am Caban!
sacred synchronization,
divine alignment of planetary and cosmic force!
Neither past nor future,
I am the unis mundi, earthed in the place of perfect centeredness
in the eternal present moment.
From this place I offer you direct access
to all knowledge, all time, all abilities.

As above, so below.
Galactic consciousness
is transmitted through the awakened eyes in your feet,
interwoven into they myriad possibilities
of radiant fields of light.
Receive now the truth you desire.

I am Caban.
Keep you heart and mind open and tuned,
keys and strings awaiting in devotion
the loving touch of the true virtuoso.
In effortless mastery will be created
such ecstatic harmonies of improvised perfection
as to send chills of rapture up the spine of Creation!
Find freedom from what has been!
Let your edges expand to accommodate
my unexpected and unrehearsed movement.
In the clear waters of your receptive mind,
unclouded with preconceptions,
there will my sparkling spontaneity dance,
forming the power of synergistic movement within your life,
springing with the surety of a white lion
through the wilderness of once-forgotten dreams.

Around you are swirled on the canvas of this moment
clues to cosmic treasures you seek:
a color here, a word there, a knowing in a scent on a breeze.
With brush ever in motion,
the mystery forms a brilliant rainbow arc,
its curvaceous splendor transcending past and future.
Clues are drawn into the heartbeat of the present moment,
that you may release your struggle
in the realization that it is already done!

As harmony’s harpist, I sound synchronicity
through the crystal grid network
and lay it, as a magic carpet, under your feet.
With soles bared, step upon it now,
to experience the exquisite realm of all possibilities.
The elements that dance in cohesive splendor as the creation
all are here,
and the instrument is you.
The maestro has arrived! Shall we play?”

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