March 1, 2016

The Eyes of March

March is a good time to reflect upon all that has passed during January and February… and make any necessary adjustments!

As you look “back”…

What lessons were activated?

What lessons did you ignore?

What sought to be expressed through you?  (Did you let it?)

For the Northern Hemisphere, Winter is leaving and Spring is ’round the bend. For the Southern folk, Summer is ending and Fall is rearing its head.

Regardless of where you live, the gift of this birthing season supports you in planting that which you desire to make manifest (or rebirth) and/or harvesting (said desire).

I encourage you to keep your eyes on your prize (desire), let go of what no longer serves, and allow that which seeks expression to do so beautifully through your Soul’s song!

May the blessings of this ending and beginning shine upon you in infinite ways!

No regrets - Adonya Wong
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