September 11, 2015

The Powerful Energy of Letting Go

The Personal Experience of Letting Go

It seems rather funny that a woman who has believed in being in control and taking control of her life most of her life now writes about letting go. Because of such, however, I can write with passion about the power of taking your hands off of life’s course finger by finger.

If you stop right now and Google letting go, you’ll find numerous articles, videos and expert advice on the subject. There’s even letting go quotes. Many of these tell you how important it is and some even suggest how you might accomplish the task. I believe experience is, by far, the best teacher but like many who have gone before, let me attempt to assist.

I, personally, have had to come to the place of saying, ”I am done,” literally throwing up my hands. I have been exhausted trying to be in control–controlling every situation and every important person in my life. Interestingly enough what I was attempting to control, which was what I so deeply wanted, was exactly what I was losing. The energy surrounding my desires was so negative, suffocating and toxic the resistance grew stronger and instead of manifesting success and happiness I was stressed, uptight and angry.

What Letting Go Is

Have you ever tried to hold onto someone in a relationship only to find they wanted nothing more than to get away from you? Have you heard this saying? “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.”

The saying can be applied to not just love, but platonic relationships, desires, money, and what you believe to be success for your life.

In holding on and attempting to manipulate what the Universe has for you, life can become a battleground resulting in exhaustion, overwhelm and misery. Instead, try listening to the intuitive voice letting the river of life take you where you are meant to be. Allow yourself to live in the now-enjoying the beauty of every day. Why not just try throwing your hands up in surrender, this very moment.

The act does not signify defeat or hopelessness. It’s quite the opposite. It is where the magic kicks in. It is saying to the Universe; Mother Earth; Higher Power, “Yes! I am in agreement. I think I know what I need and how I should achieve it, but you have a greater path for my life. I trust you.”

The Miraculous Result of Letting Go

Once you surrender, the energy of love can flow toward you bringing with it healing, every desire of your heart and more. When the hands go up, the wall of negative, conflicting energy must come down. The Universe, whom I call God, can then bring people and things into your life to gently, eagerly and selflessly guide you head-on into your purpose.

Once I was fully awakened and participating with eagerness, I would ask God a question and amazingly someone, a good friend to be specific, would come with the answer. Not just sometime, but every time. Life is now a miraculous adventure. I wait in awe.

Now, when I think of the saying, “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be,” it resonates in my soul. The author is anonymous, but I am convinced they’ve experienced the magical power of letting go.

So, that situation you’re holding on to wanting the outcome to unfold the way you want, and it’s about to make you crack; let it go. You might have to do so one finger at a time like I did, but the sooner you can pry the fingers off, the sooner you can experience the miracles that follow: good-health, peace-of-mind, a passion-filled life, happiness, success, and love.

about the author

Ix Chel is an ordained minister, a certified wellness coach and author. She has helped hundreds find their purpose, passion and calling in life while guiding them through life transition. She currently conducts spiritual workshop retreats in Yucatán assisting young-at-heart health enthusiast optimize their lives using the ancient Mayan path to natural health and healing as well as utilizing cutting-edge techniques and practices found in the U.S. For information about Ix Chel’s spiritual workshops and retreats and to receive assistance in discovering the magical power of letting go.

Adonya recommends…

Call upon the Goddess, Kali, to help you be  courageous and fierce as you let go of what no longer serves you and embody all that does. Using your mala, chant the mantra, KRIM (pronounced CREAM) until you feel a profound shift in your energy. This mantra is the seed sound (bija) of creation and destruction. Kinda fitting, yes?

SIDEBAR: Kali is no joke. Invoking her means you are truly ready for your life to shift. This shift will more than likely come by way of everything that you know, and hold dear, to fall away. Just keep going with it, for you are being reborn into your magnificence.

You may also choose to chant HRIM (pronounced HA-REEM) to purify and transform.


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