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What follows is my current “cover letter” for job applications.  I am included it as a blog because it speaks language that needs to be publicly heard.  It is my Intent that should this post hold resonance, so you too may find the courage and purpose to publicly shine.

Peace and Blessings to you and yours. I hope this letter finds you well and safe.For nearly 20 years, I thought corporate was where I needed to be.  Instead of loving the work, I found myself loving the “almighty dollar” more.

Then the misery set in.

I was miserable because there was zero reward in the work, and I felt the industries to be dogmatic, restrictive and overly competitive.  However, not being a religious person, I knew not where to turn.

In 2009, that would all change.

What was “New Age”? “Metaphysical”? “Are we really meditating as a group right now?” I instantly fell in love.  And for over 8 years, I was at peace with the work I was doing.

Then in 2018, a corporate job came a-calling.  The money was good, really good.  Yet like every corporate gig before it, the work became mind-numbing and Spirit-dulling.

During this time, the Universe was there, listening to the blood-curdling cries of my Soul.  And on March 18th, she came through for me once again.  I was laid off from that job.


(The 7 vibration represents rest and contemplation; spirituality and mastery.)

Fitting. 😊

Time to return to where I belong.  A place where I am of service, which is why I love businesses like yours. You move to the music of the Universe in the most sublime ways, and yours is a business that holds visions of abundance for all; and a mindset of service, not profit.

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.” – Wayne Dyer

The world is currently moving through what may seem like a hopeless, impossible situation.  However, I believe that these times call for humanity to have strength, courage, and purpose, which is why I would make a great addition to your Tribe.

Be well, and I look forward to hearing from you.

 What makes this letter more interesting is I have yet to send it to anyone.  Not once has it been sent with my résumé attached.  Yet, here I am putting it out as a blog.

Perhaps, that is its intended purpose?

“The Universe is always listening.”

What does that even mean?

It means Divinity never leaves my side. Like ever!  Always the watchful eye in the metaphorical sky observing and intervening when necessary.

So, what am I saying? It would seem that being laid off was necessary.  I was in a space where I was utterly unhappy and unfulfilled, and The Universe intervened on my behalf.  It did for me what I did not have the cajones to do for myself.

The Parent I Frequently Neglect

This how I see The Universe.  That Mom who only wants to give me what I want—whether I want it or not.  That ever-loving parent who never fights with my unspoken, or spoken, thoughts; just delivers them into my physical reality— oft times with great haste.

I  wanted out of that job, and BAM!  I was out.

My focus had been on not being in that job versus being focused on a position that enlivened my Spirit.

I was very clear about not liking that job versus having clarity on the position that would hold greater resonance.

I believed that job was the best I would get versus having the belief that I deserved something that fully resonated with my Soul.

I was so attached because of the financial reward versus being in a space where I could let go and allow something better to come forward.

Instead of being in a place of gratitude for the incredible service work I had done for nearly 10 years, I had an attitude about being in a job that was its polar opposite.

SO, with all of this going on, what choice did The Universe have other than removing me from that situation?

Moral of the story

I need to be REALLY careful about my thoughts, feelings and spoken words because Mama is ALWAYS listening. And She will ALWAYS deliver what I Am sending out into the Universe.