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January 29, 2017

Things That Make You

With 3 planets in retrograde in my 7th house, which also happens to be playing in Virgo (Western), I tend to not only over-analyze that area of my life, but complicate it too.


I often pride myself in being really observant. Yet, many times, I find that I am spending way too much time observing “past” experiences, thereby, “missing out” on the juiciness that is presenting itself in my “now”.


So, while I am dwelling on those long-but-not-forgetten situations… I find myself stuck in a never-ending cycle of over-thinking, which then leads to a lot of over-reacting.


Even now… I am over-analyzing myself. Too funny!

Anyhoo, let’s stay on this train for a moment longer, shall we? Here are the planets in my natal 7th house.

Uranus Rx: The planet of revolution and sudden change; freedom, independence, self-expression.

Pluto Rx: The planet of death, rebirth, destroyer of outmoded ways of being; ecstasy, transformative power.

Jupiter Rx: Dispeller of Darkness; the Great Benefactor (or Spoiler); joy, enthusiasm, expansion

So, what does this all mean?

Some years ago, I was advised that I am to live out the 7th house energies by gaining a healthy sense of self-control, power and independence. DUH!

I was also told, by someone else, that I am to live out my North Node, which is in Aries.

I have experienced a ton of change, particularly, where the 7th house is concerned.

Countless changes in personal and professional relationships. Many attributed to my fiery Aries Moon.

So many shifts because whenever I feel stifled or suppressed in any way… I either act out or emotionally check out.  Oh, the power struggles that ensued as a result.

Also, that which I do not desire expanded… thanks to Jupiter’s larger-than-life energy.

And then there’s Pluto.  I have metaphorically died and been reborn more times than I can recall. Always towards something greater even though at the time of my emerging from my cocoon, the direction was unclear.

{deep breath}

I knew 2017 was going to be a year of great revelation… and change for me. So far, it has proven itself to be just that.

Okay, 7th house and North Node… time to get this show on the road to bigger and better things!

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