October 17, 2008

Time outs: the new form of child abuse

DES MOINES, Iowa – After failing to finish a reading assignment, 8-year-old Isabel Loeffler was sent to the school’s time-out room — a converted storage area under a staircase — where she was left alone for three hours. The autistic Iowa girl wet herself before she was finally allowed to leave. Appalled, her parents removed her from the school district and filed a lawsuit.

This is very disturbing.

Is this the direction our school’s are going?  Is this the treatment our children can expect to receive?

I’m not always going to be homeschooling my son.  One of these years, he’s going to have to return to “typical” school life.

However, this article leads me to wonder what that life will be like for him.

I don’t know if Isabel is considered high-functioning or not, but I do want to know how someone justified leaving her, alone, under a stairwell, for 3 hours because she failed to complete a reading assignment?

I also want to know if she hadn’t wet herself, how much longer would they have left her there?

I wonder who, within the school district, will be there to help her parents undo the damage that this disciplinary action caused?

With school budgets being hit hard, every fiscal year, the quality of administrators and educators seems to also be on the decline.

The population seems to be regressing to days of yore when autistic people (or any person with a ND) were institutionalized and left to rot.

No one seems to care about the scrutiny our children face on a daily basis.  With the No Child Left Behind law, I guess they feel they don’t have to.

But, abuse comes in many forms.

Sadly, time-outs are to education what black is to the fashion industry.

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