October 7, 2008

Tulsa Mom Published by Award-Winning Oklahoman Publisher

Contact Author at:

Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC

127 East Trade Center Terrace

Mustang, OK 73064

(405) 376-4900

Adonya Wong, a Tulsa-based, stay-at-home, homeschooling, community-serving mother of 1, never thought she’d see the day when one of her stories would be published by one of Oklahoma’s top book publishing companies.

Adonya began writing at a young age, but only recently took it seriously. “It was just something I did to pass the time”, she said.

“In My Mind: The World Through the Eyes of Autism” is her first book and was inspired by her young son who is autistic. It is an endearing tale about how a child with autism sees the world and how the world sees him.

The book was pre-released on October 1, 2008 and is set to officially release on January 6, 2009. It is currently available through Tate Publishing or visit the author’s site at www.throughtheeyesofautism.com to order!

It is Adonya’s intention, through her book, for the reader to build a stronger desire to want to learn more about autism. It is also her intention to raise awareness about autism, and she hopes that the reader will gain a deeper sense of compassion and tolerance for those “different” than themselves.

A portion of the author’s proceeds benefits Tulsa Autism Foundation.


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