[PODCAST] Clearing Negativity from Your Energy Field

Everything that you do has an energetic impact on that of the whole. Therefore, someone else’s energy can have an impact on you – how you feel, act, react and experience imbalance in the physical body. Join Dorian Light and learn some techniques for clearing your energy field and unplugging from the negative energies of mass consciousness. (more…)

[CINEMOTIVATION™] When Peace Is The Missing Piece!

Peace seems to be the one thing that many of us struggle to encompass in our daily lives. Looking around, it’s easy to see the evidence of this playing out all over the world.

What if you could be at peace… in only 68 seconds?  Would you be open to it, or is your inner peace not worth the time? (more…)

[CINEMOTIVATION™] Finding Happiness

This week’s film is for the whole family to in-joy! It’s sure to put a smile on your faces and perhaps, inspire you to live with higher ways of thinking and beingness! (more…)

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