Flowing with Change

Coping with either positive or negative change can have long term effects. The unsettling feeling of not being able to control life, or the fear of the unknown from making a change, can cause our bodies to suffer. (more…)

Becoming Yourself

Our true solutions, like so many of our problems, lie within. In this article a leading British therapist discusses the value of allowing ourself to be ourself.

Sooner or later, we have to face the fact that we were born into a world that is, in many ways, imperfect and unjust. (more…)

[ZEN-FUL Pleasures] From Zero to Zzzzen

Still laboring away at that 8-hour j.o.b.?

Craycray class schedule stressing you out?

Well, my pretty… have I the relaxing diddy for your Soul! Just look at this imagery!  It’s soooo “Calgon! Take me away!™” I mean, really!!! Take me away! Like right now! (more…)

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