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October 24, 2015

The “Unlike” and The Ego

I will be honest… my ego often gets quite bruised (aka butt-hurt) whenever I notice that someone has “unliked” me on social media.  It is in those moments, when I choose to think, “{sigh} Someone does not like me.” It is also in those moments when I receive the greatest gift.

I get to see how my sense of self is still based on the actions of other people.


It would seem that I have not completely recovered from my People Pleasing Addiction. (Hi. I’m Adonya. [Hi Adonya!])

I could also go on and tell you a tale from my childhood to justify it all, BUT doing so would not do me any good.

Telling a tale simply would not bring back the “like”.

So, someone “unliked” me.

The world did not end.

They just moved on…

It was nothing personal.

Thank you, “unlike”, for mirroring what sought to be acknowledged, shifted, and  healed.

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