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March 8, 2010

Vaccines and Body Counts?

Well, it is obvious that I have been hiding under a rock for several months because I can’t believe I’ve missed a lot of what’s been slinging around the autism community lately.

There’s been much talk about Dr. Wakefield, and now some Danish doctor, Poul Thorsen, is under seige. The wars never cease!

While so not minding my own business, I was browsing through the autism news headlines on the blog, Left Brain Right Brain. This blog hosts some interesting stuff that often makes me go, “hmmmmmmm”.

Anyhoo, this little headline really caught my eye, and me having a serious case of Mrs. Kravitz Syndrome and all, just had to check it out.

“Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy’s “Historic” Study of Vaccines and Autism in Monkeys? Ah … Never Mind.”

Remember that “crucial” study of 20 monkeys that actors Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy claimed would have “potentially devastating consequences for vaccine makers and public health officials” by linking vaccines to autism? It has just been withdrawn from Neurotoxicology, the journal the authors were hoping to publish it in. {Source:

Monkeys and vaccines and autism… OH MY!

Although, the advocates of this study didn’t surprise me in the least, it was this statement that made my hair raise

Meanwhile, this web site, the “Jenny McCarthy Body Count,” gives an estimated number of deaths that could have been prevented had the victims been vaccinated.

Did someone just say, “body count?” Because I’m so not one of those folks who likes, or ever wants, to see dead people. I saw The Sixth Sense, and I am SO good with that one!

Again, my Mrs. Kravitz Syndrome got the better of me, and I clicked the link and was led to this site.

The players in this game just keep getting more and more interesting… I wonder what folks will think of next.

Where’s Rodney King when I need him?

In the midst of the harrowing violence, King nervously uttered the phrase that would forever be synonymous with him and the riot: “Can we all just get along?”


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