January 17, 2009

Waiting… sucks!

Some day, autism resources will be bountiful and waiting lists will be a thing of the past, and we’ll gather ’round, holding hands, rejoicing and singing the Age of Aquarius while sun rays beam out of our butts.

Until that day comes, parents like me will have to keep walking the walk!

I had a brief conversation with @CemeterySpot on Twitter this morning… he was curious about whether or not there was a list that compared autism services by state.  Excellent question for someone not living with it.

Not fully knowing the answer myself, and only having lived in a few states where the services were plentiful, I hopped online to check things out.

I came across a press release on Disabled World that spoke of a list that had been compiled by AutismKey.com.

Gary Greaves, AK’s owner & operator, said this about the list.

“Quite honestly, there are a lot of other states that could have made this list. However, in my opinion, I think the choices accurately reflect the leading states in the country as it pertains to autism awareness, services and treatment options,”

The chosen states are as follows, from top to bottom.

1. Wisconsin
2. California
3. New Jersey
4. Ohio
5. Missouri

You know something is askew when someone takes the time to compare autism resources provided by each state only to determine where you should be living if you want your child to receive what they need when they need it most.

I wasn’t overly surprised to see Cali or Jersey on this list.

Although, I lived in Cali, and it took me MONTHS to get a doctor to even listen to me, I do have a friend, @autismfamily, who speaks highly of the services her 2 boys are receiving.

And my friend, @hellokittiemama, is a staunch Jersey advocate.  Her son is also on the spectrum, and he is very active at raising awareness in his community.

Keep up the good work, kiddo!

Anyhoo, I headed over to AK to see what else I could learn about what is or isn’t available state-to-state, and I found this forum.

The AK list is by no means definitive as I am certain there are folks who feel that their child is receiving the best of care from states not on this list.

However, it does shed a brighter light on the issue at hand.  With the statistics being what they are, why aren’t states doing more?

Unfortunately, the current state of the economy doesn’t help matters in the least which means more and more children will be left… waiting.

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