I do not know what road you traveled that led you here, I am, however, very grateful that you are.

Although, I have those left brain titles, I am also a writer and a Muse for the Divine.

The words that I share hold several purposes.

They are a means to help me release many of the things I would love to say out loud, but choose not to do so because writing is a more eloquent delivery method (for me, that is).

They help lay in words the forgiveness I have not offered face-to-face. Again, doing so through written word affords me the space to offer said forgiveness in a more eloquent and organized way.

They are a diary; a means to lay out my story. Perhaps in doing so, others may find healing for themselves.

They also give me the space to write about the things that help me be my most authentic Self and live fully in all that I AM.

Which is why I mostly write when something wants to be expressed through me.

It my deepest intention that my site greatly supports you with your journey.


Adonya Wong portrait


It’s all Divine!

I just love how life rhymes!™

Don’t let other people paint YOUR masterpiece! It’s YOUR life, YOUR canvas! Paint your greatness!



“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.  Always work with it; not against it.”

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