October 11, 2008

What Am I Curing? A Ham?

Why is it that practically every site I come across tells me that my son needs to be cured?  I’m so confused as to what to do for my son, because of all the “mixed” information I read.

I know my son has autism.  I know I need to do my best so that he’s able to function in a non-autistic world.  I just don’t know sometimes.

Chelation?  ABA? GFCF? OT?  ST?  This therapy, that therapy.  I feel like a bobble-head. (bobble, bobble, bobble)  Actually, I feel like my son’s a science project, and everybody wants to add their formula to his petri dish.

Allow me to digress a moment…

In early 2007, I participated in some research that ASU (Arizona State University) was doing for ASD.  I gave them one of my son’s baby teeth and the results were very interesting.

I expected to see a VERY HIGH concentration of Mercury, but too my surprise, it wasn’t even a blip on the graph.  There were other metals that were a little high, but nothing outrageous.

Actually, my metal counts were higher than his!

I don’t have any speech delays, because I never shut up!  I’m also quite the social butterfly!!!  Ain’t never been accused of being a wallflower.

So, what gives?  Which scientific theory fits my situation?  Huh?  Anyone?  {sigh}

I guess you’re probably thinking, “Man!  She is all over the place tonight!”  You got that right!  That’s why I blog.  I need an outlet to “voice” everything that’s running through my mind.

I don’t really concern myself with what others think of me, but I do care about what people think about my son which is why I stress out over these things.

Little man’s only been around 7 years.  Plus, he’s homeschooled which means he’s not exposed to the ‘everyday’ lifestyle of a “typical” school-aged child.

He doesn’t “see” the stares, but I do.  So, I walk through my days, wearing my warrior armor; I am his protector.

So back to my headline… what AM I curing exactly?

I wish someone would shed some light on this one.  I’m beyond confused.

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