July 25, 2015

What Are You Declaring?

In 2009, I crossed paths with Lilou Macé because I am a member of the Co-Creating Our Reality Network, which she co-founded

From the onset, I liked her because her energy was vibrant and full of life, and I wanted to know more about how she was being that way.

I also found her book, “I Lost My Job and I Liked It: 30-Day Law of Attraction Diary of A Dream Job Seeker” to be an inspirational, bold, and fun read.

However, this is not a post about Lilou or her book.

This is a post about her powerful vision and declaration that I felt was too “juicy” and too good not to share!

What do I mean when I say, “vision” and “declaration”?

A vision is your “vivid, imaginative conception or anticipation”, and a declaration is yourpositive, explicit, or formal statement; proclamation”.

Now you can see how transformative your life can become when you choose to put the two together, right?

So, what are you envisioning and declaring for your life?

Does the essence of your vision and declaration uplift you?

It should!

If it does not then…

I invite you to read the following declaration with an open heart… and mind.

Feel the essence of Lilou’s message, and see how you can incorporate all, or some of it, into your own life today… and every day.

Get Gemstoned™

  • Golden Rutilated Quartz
  • Topaz (Silver/White or Imperial Gold)

*These stones are said to amplify your intentions.

“Every intention sets energy into motion, whether you are conscious of it or not.”
Gary Zukav

You might as well set intentions that you actually want to manifest!

The purpose of this declaration is to lay the context and commitment of my being in the world.

My intention is to have a fulfilling life full of miracles, abundance, joy, and love.  It is a life with the purpose of bringing love and joy to life itself.

This document is my declaration. It is my source; my purpose; and the context in which I now choose to live my life.

The context of my life is that life is abundant, full of miracles, peaceful and perfect the way it is.

I live in the context that anything is possible; out of declaring it, thinking it; feeling it, inventing it, and living into it.

I now design my life, and it is a beautiful, abundant, and powerful journey.

I know that I am at the source of its outcome.

The universe supports me in everything I do.

The universe meets all of my needs immediately.

Life is so easy.

Life is so good!

All good things come to me with ease.

I am really clear on what I want, and I will allow the universe to do it for me as it is not my job to figure the “how”.  I have faith.

I am receiving all the good in my life now.

  • Money
  • Mentors
  • Ideas
  • Opportunities
  • and Support!

I live in the context that human beings are amazing, kind, generous, and perfect the way they are, and they are ready to make a difference.

I am present every day to the beauty and variety of people on this planet. Diversity is magnificent, and each of us expresses God’s gift to the world in our own unique way.

We are a team and resource to each other to fulfilling and living our dreams.

The Universe answers our needs right away out of saying it, thinking it, and visualizing it.

I now magnetize my desires, my intentions, and my declarations.

My possibilities are infinite.

I now create the space for miracles to happen every day.

  • People
  • Greatness
  • Love
  • Joy to be expressed
  • Heavenly good moments
  • and peace on Earth.

I give myself permission to be myself and contribute to the world.  I no longer need approval. My approval comes from within.

I now raise the bar of my participation in life every day.

I own my life.

I put structures of existence in all areas, and I am hungry to experience more life.

I am my dream, my accomplishments and my promises.

I now wake up every day, playing full out, and I invite others to play full out in their lives.

The result of this abundant energy that I now bring to life is self-expression, peace, joy, and love.

People are moved, touched, and inspired by life.

I declare myself to be a magnificent leader in an ongoing state of growth, gratefulness, empowerment, freedom, and self-expression.

As a top performer, I always think before I act.

I increase my knowledge in every single moment and learn from every situation.

Knowledge is power, and I am thirsty for knowledge.

I increase, every day, my knowledge, connections, and expertise.

I remember that I create my life and the future moment by moment; listening from nothing and believing in others and myself.

I declare to alter life itself in my own way, and I spread the seeds of joy and dreams all over the world.

My way of being magnetizes money, success, love, power, generosity naturally and abundantly.

I live my purpose.

I do something every day that gets me closer to the alteration of life itself.

My relationships are empowering.

I am kind to others and myself.

I love and believe in others, and love and believe in myself.

I go beyond my resistance, my shyness, my intuition, and head into the marketplace. I focus my mind on my great potential that is my courage; not my fear.

I tap into the immense well of potential. Every day, I risk it all. It feels great because I know I will succeed.

I am grateful for being blessed.

I am grateful each and every moment for my life, and the miracle of life itself.

Big opportunities are always landing in my lap.

All my dreams and declarations are accomplished, fulfilled, and complete now.

This is true power.


[Post published at 9:15am Pacific during the hour of the Sun. Angel number for 915: “Your spiritual power and gifts are growing stronger as you continue to make Heavenly changes. Your strength and these changes are very important to the manifestation of your Divine purpose.”]

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