August 15, 2015

What Is Your Truth?

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this image in my Facebook feed, and I just knew I had to share it.  As I wrote out my blurb, I was in awe at how true it all was for me.

Here is my little diddy:

I am AN ENTREPRENEUR, and my emotions are rather INTENSE. I think in a PURPOSEFUL way, and express my energy in an UNPREDICTABLE way. In love, I seek EXCITEMENT. In life, I take on the role of THE OUTLAW.

(I changed “but” to “and” because I’m no longer a fan of negating anything that I have stated in the first half of any statement.)

Anyhoo, what does your blurb say about you?

Are the words speaking truth, or do you feel dissonance?

If the latter… why?

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[Published at 11:00am Pacific during the hour of Venus. Angel number meaning for 1100: “Keep your thoughts focused upon God and Divine love as you’re creating your reality with your thoughts and beliefs. Engage in creative activities, and avoid addictive behaviors. God is talking to you.”]

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