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July 13, 2015

What Messages Are YOU Receiving?

On June 1, I awoke from a pretty awesome dream, and I knew that it was profound. Much like the others that I choose to recall in my dream journal, I knew this dream had a significant message… because I saw a date. [See this post to jog your memory on what happened the last time I saw a date… and ignored it. OY! 😉 ]

Anyhoo, I had a good idea on what the dream message was, and I also wanted the insight of my friend, Kari, who is an AMAZING dream interpreter!

The text in black is my recall, and the text in blue is Kari’s (unedited) interpretation. As you read both, I encourage you to think about the messages being sent to you through your dreams.  If you need help understanding them… contact Kari! 😀

Also, feel free to comment below and let me know how you related to my dream… or if you’re just curious to know about what’s shown up in my life since the date I received. 😀

(The stone I was wearing when this dream came through was Purple Chalcedony. Y’might wanna check it out!)

[I saw things through the eyes of the man in black. (Yes, I do see what I did there.) The dream is laid out from his perspective.]

There were 2 men. One in white and one in black. White appeared to be “corrupted” while I appeared conflicted (perhaps, believing he was bad when he was not?).

I wanted to stop White who was conspiring to take me out or take over my powers. (At the time I couldn’t tell.) White had an entourage of people while I appeared to have a family.  this is really good because you are facing Shadow and realizing that perfection isn’t about doing good/being right or other spiritual beliefs…it is recognizing that the Shadow (black) must be integrated as what makes you unique, powerful but was repressed because ego deemed it bad.  Mentioning entourage is also a spiritual perspective where family is a part of us…entourage is doing right to win respect and a following – family goes deeper.

To stop White, I sneaked in to White’s place and began converting his people (to help me). They turned into minions with monstrous faces and large wings (dark olive with tones of black and red; large veins).  From the perspective of purity or spiritual longing (white) you also have sides that would have been repressed….like the rote beliefs following ego’s ideas. The journey toward complete spiritual integration means you have to go back to those tapes and convert them. Any time a breakthrough like this exists – ego seems to send the dream into the nightmare variety as if it will scare us back into believing what is no longer working for us. Good job! As the Conflict Phase (prior to scene shift) it showed conflict created by beliefs in right/wrong….absolutist spiritual principles.

The scene shifts. into the case phase (scene 2)

I have come to the aid of my family because a policeman (the energy felt this way) was trying to take them or one of them. this shows the work of superego/critical conscience (police) attempting to keep the status quo from the breakthrough. Now you recognize that the repressed aspects are a part of you (family) I couldn’t tell. We were conversing in a outside hallway reaching a place of transition (Imagine an apartment building), and we were very high (the time of day appeared to be nighttime) High refers again to superego or ‘thou shalt not’ while night time shows this process of integraton is repressed or not in consciousness.  Suddenly, White appears and takes my son over the ledge (I know he is my son because he called me, Dad). In order to become more powerful and assertive, well or able to provide for yourself (son/Animus) you can’t have these spiritual ‘lines’ of black and white/right or wrong…everything you are is perfect. To say White as transforming Higher Self takes son over ledge points to the sacrifice of beliefs that are necessary I am momentarily hesitant to assist because I don’t know if my family knows who, or what, I am. I decided to jump over the ledge to help my son. My family wasn’t surprised, but the policeman was. the critical side (police) is surprised because you made the transition – the rest of you (so to speak) knew it was good and necessary.

It was a very long fall (Empire State Building kinda tall), and the fall seemed to take forever. interesting juxtaposition of fall/tall. Like rising in spiritual growth required a fall (from all you believed) ie: the sacrifice for integration.  It took along time to build beliefs – going through any awakening takes time.

I could see White, but not my son. I somehow managed to cause White to falter as he fell by closing his parachute (even though, he too had wings). I forgot to mention that his minions were monsters only because in this transition there was still a tendency to classify in black/white right/wrong…White is not evil either – only the representation of a misunderstanding…therefore the wings can also be angelic. You don’t see the child because you integrated Animus (young and becoming powerfully active within you)

He began grabbing at anything to slow himself. Also, his form began stripping away. When he landed, he nothing more than an animated skeleton (very cartoon-y); no larger than a child. So if White was old spiritual perspective – a transition happens. Skeleton is a foundation for building yourself anew. No larger than a child because it also adopts Animus. By empowering Black and reworking White – you must find the middle ground. The best advice: It is ALL good and nothing is ever bad/wrong.

He tried to escape by getting on a Big Wheel, but the minions jumped him (much like puppies do when they want to play). The minions now looked puppy-ish.  Can refer to childhood dogma – following what others taught you as spiritual

As White was trying to get away, he had the thought the he wished I was dead, and one of the minions picked up on it. (They are now laying on a portion of the galactic calendar from I recognize it because I own this calendar.) Anyhoo, the minion is looking for the date that I can die, and it points to the 15th (This number is in a blue square. I went to my calendar and saw that this date (June 15th) is INDEED blue! 😀 ) Dying in a dream is the same as opening to rebirth. The time is now – this is a middle date in the year so can suggest balance.

White disappears elated, and I finally land. I saw what the minion had done and became enraged. I began killing it (a slow death) by placing my hands toward it (much like a person offering healing energy during Reiki). This began diminishing its form. I think you use this type of imagery because all parts of you change when a big transition/breakthrough is happening. It doesn’t matter who is doing the killing – or dying – it is all you. The minion again, is the idea that you follow what is right (White) and the chain of cause and effect that ensues – in this case you heal the misunderstanding.

I stopped when I saw the immense sadness in its eyes. Its form returned to normal, but the minion now cowered before me, which made me sad. It was just a misunderstanding of right and wrong ie: judgment in the psyche.. it is you – of course you would have compassion.  So as the Cause Phase – things taught in childhood are being erased – even while you shift to understand Shadow – you can’t then hold White (old spiritual) in contempt. The Cause in this case is the transformation you are going through that requires a release of judgment.

The scene shifts. into Resolution Phase

It’s the 15th, and it’s nighttime. again relates to Unconscious – what is not in consciousness The people, who are performing the rite, are arriving at the location, which was set up much like an awards show. Big spotlights in pink/purple hues versus the glaring white you see on TV; large steps leading to the door (reminded me of the steps at the Lincoln Memorial).  relates to a sense of arrival or getting something from doing the work.

The book (beliefs) they were to use in the rite had consciousness ego, and it didn’t want to be used in this way. It knew if I was killed that my death would cause an universal imbalance. It managed to slip away when the car door opened. So now you see that we are composed of two minds…the biological, survival and ego oriented one which only wants to know what is wrong = places judgments…but moving toward enlightenment incorporates the energetic mind (the part of us that is timeless/boundless/dreams…somehow these are in black and white – this or that to you – but the dream is attempting to integrate it all as part of you and all perfect.

The universal imbalance would be to assume that being spiritual means denying ego. Religion is about controlling ourselves – not criticizing. Learning to work through anger, attachments and confusion..not punish ourselves. We have compassion for ego and old beliefs (minions/book) even our old mistakes – take everything in stride and allow Higher Self to lead. The car represents going forward in motivation – ego or old controlling judgmental beliefs can shift so that the biological mind serves the energetic mind.

No one noticed because the book replaced itself with one that would do the opposite of the rite’s intention. The part of you meant to die on June 15 is a complete rebirth. The book (ego beliefs) replaced itself (transforms) to serve the Higher Self. The ‘rite’s intention’ is another symbol of judgment “right intention’ as if anything can be wrong. The opposite (which I see sometimes as Left side = new way….is to simply stop judging. When ego mind wants to classify – do the opposite and become’s all good, that is the Resolution.

The rite began, and the words of power were spoken. To White’s disbelief, I wasn’t killed. I was transformed into a magnificent being in White… more powerful than before. Exactly. Power release from Shadow work – Black and White merged into a blending of all you are without the need to hide from parts of yourself.

Powerful dream! Kudos…

)*( Kari

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[Post published at 4:14pm during the hour of Saturn. Angel number for 414: “The angels assist you with aligning your thoughts with your highest truth. Give any worries, cares, or fears to the angels in exchange for peaceful and positive thoughts.”

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