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June 27, 2015

What Sort of Fire Are You Starting?

© January 24, 2015 Author: Kat Dawes,

Sometimes… it is not safe to play with matches. When your vibration is one of fear, doubt or lack then that is a Universal red flag to lift and shift your thinking – before you meet your match.

You see, you are a magnet, and you pull towards yourself people, circumstances, and conditions that match the flavor of the vibration you are in. They will join your fire.

Therefore, if you are feeling ‪‎lack‬ that is the perfect condition to attract another fine that you feel you cannot pay. 

If you are feeling easy‬ and flexible‬, you will attract circumstances where you find you do not have to wait.

If you are feeling a deep sense of gratitude‬ and self‬-love, you may just run into someone who is grateful and loving; so fun to play with!

You will get a free upgrade because you are living in that Vibrational context.

So, what sort of matchez are you playing with? Remember, NOW NiNJA! You don’t get want you want… you get what you are!

What are you BEing?






Playful‬? ‪‎



It is all just a game, and you get to theme the day. So, if you wake up with the intention that everything works out for you, and you are living from the answer…
you set the tone for the essence of what will come your way.

Reality plays out according to your vibration; strike a conscious vibrational match!

[Post published at 12:02pm Pacific during the hour of Mercury. Angel number meaning of 1202: “God urges you to stay filled with faith and courage, and keep positive thoughts. Everything is working out for your highest good.  Your prayers are manifesting, even if they aren’t visible yet.”]

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