November 29, 2011

What Vibes Are You Sending Out?

We all know that everything is energy, and where we play is what we experience. Right? A lovely thought if we just so happen to be jaunting about on a hilltop meadow, picking wildflowers, singing the songs of the Faeries, and playing with our pet unicorn, Fluffy. But that experience isn’t one that we often get to have… at least not with our eyes open.

So, how do we know where we are in order to keep moving forward in the direction of our own choosing? The answer is simple… we must know where we spend most of our treasured energy to ensure that our Vibrational Bank Account stays in the black. Way in the black!

Take this chart for example.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail
  • reddit
  • Tumblr

Most of us hang out between 200-400, and we’re usually resistant to move beyond Reason. And how many times have we been told to live from our heart space (which is 500)? That when we come from a place of love, everything just falls into place like a magical dream come true?

What this means is that when we’re driving, and we get cut off by someone who’s in a hurry to get absolutely nowhere fast, we should remain in our hearts and not allow ourselves to be phased aka beyond enraged and 2 nanoseconds from gouging out someone’s eyeballs!

Or when we’re in the grocery store, with only 2 items in hand, that we should not send the Evil Eye to the person who beat us to the checkout line, by a hair, with a full basket in tow.

The examples of being at 500 and up are endless, but how do we really get there, and play there as often as possible? We can choose to go about saying Namaste to everyone who crosses our path, but not everyone’s open to receiving or even uttering that to passersby. Then there’s holy water, but again, not everyone will be receptive to the blessing and may actually misinterpret it as spittle.

So, we start at the beginning.

  1. We can love ourselves more, thereby, changing how we react to situations that don’t jive well with us
  2. We can forgive ourselves for those dreaded shoulda woulda couldas that may be keeping us down.
  3. We can create more moments where we are still, which will allow our batteries to recharge.
  4. We can ground ourselves by reconnecting with Mother Nature, either through the use of crystals, or actually going outside… rain or shine.
  5. We can laugh more often!

It’s one thing to be at 20, or 100, but it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame to play there all the time.

Yes, lovelies, it’s time to unplug from mass consciousness and take better care of ourselves.

We may not be able to single-handedly save the planet, but by tending to ourselves, we can assist her in being in a higher vibrational space. Why? Because that’s where we’re choosing to spend most of our time, and when we’re high… the world’s high with us!


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