January 6, 2017

When One Suffers… Don’t We All?

Some people, who will read parts of this post, will think it “un”spiritual and not coming from a heart-centered space. The rest will not. This post is for you.

Anyhoo, I received an email from PETA today letting me know about the death of a beautiful Bengal Tiger (these animals being my absolute fave).

Mike VI, the mascot for Louisiana State University, has died from cancer. A dis-ease many non-captive tigers do not manifest.

PETA asked for my support in stopping future exploitation of Tigers. The following message is what I sent to LSU officials.


I am saddened to learn that Mike VI has died.

You have a lot of humans at your school… put one of them in a fucking tiger suit instead of exploiting animals!!!

Tigers need large areas to roam and opportunities to ACT LIKE TIGERS– not the deprivation that comes from being someone’s fucking pet!

Mike was subjected to so much stress during his captivity at LSU… from being bombarded with disorienting lights, crowd excitement and probably other forms of mistreatment.

No wonder he decided to check out… your treatment towards him was cancerous!

We’ve already caused SeaWorld a world of pain… somehow I don’t think you want the same for LSU.

Wake the fuck up!

This organization, like others, abuses and exploits animals — often causing said animals to die “before their time”.   My being sugar and spice and all things nice… won’t cause people like them to take notice.

It is from the heart that I stand for any being who cannot stand for themselves.

It is from my spiritual path that I am able to receive the SOS calls from beings like Mike VI… and stand up.

Any wording I choose is just that…. wording. It’s my frequency, my intention, that matters most.

If you would like to stand up for Mike VI and other Tigers…

Please sign the petition and lend them your voice!

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