August 17, 2015

When Sharon Stone does it

I recently came across a post, in my Facebook feed, about Sharon Stone from the Page, Better After 50, that really got my knickers in a bunch.

As I began my response (I mean, my reaction), I could have chosen to channel Mother Teresa, Francis of Assisi, Rumi, or even Gandhi. Instead –I channeled Jeanne d’Arc –and stood up for injustice.

As I began my “response”, I thought, “with age… wisdom is supposed to come, yes ???

“When it comes to staying young, a mind-lift beats a face-lift any day.”
Marty Bucella

I didn’t get a response to my last comment.  Battle… won! teehee Être Jeanne d’Arc a prouvé plus triomphante! YAY! Viva la France! I mean I’m Proud to be An American. 😀

Although, I was told I was right in my stance, this person remained firm in theirs by stating Sharon had to be doing this to promote something.  In one breath, their original post spoke in favor of a person “being proud” of their body and to not “be ashamed” to let everybody know, and in the next breath, they negate all that by questioning Sharon’s motives for doing that which was previously praised.

Again… who gives a #@!% about WHY she did it. With their Page called, “Better After 50“, they must mean it’s better for some people but not ALL.

Instead of knocking Sharon for droppin’ it like it’s hot, perhaps we should look at what she has been doing with the past 23 years of her life because there’s so much more to her than her Basic Instinct fabulous-ness.

Let’s talk about how Sharon has been a staunch advocate for amfAR for 20 of those 23 years.

Let’s talk about the Nobel Peace Summit Award she received for her work in “fighting against HIV/AIDS”.

Let’s talk about how Sharon “convinced the CEO of Burlington Coat Factory to donate winter coats to disadvantaged children who otherwise would have had to leave school due to lack of suitably warm clothing, or how she worked with Stride Rite to provide the same families with winter shoes.”

I suppose these things are irrelevant since we didn’t see them played out on the silver screen?

I digress.

Shortly after my conversation ended with Better After 50, another page, Growing Bolder, posted about Burt Reynolds (RIP).

So, when Burt did it, he broke a taboo and became a sex ICON (the magazine, Playgirl, was launched because of him, and YES, I had a subscription –in the late 80s –shipped to me when I was stationed overseas. Again, I digress).

However, when Sharon does it, she’s seen, by many, as an insecure, attention craving Hollywood “has been”!

Talk about a fucked up double standard!

Maybe I should just go sit at the back of the bus.

Some folks seem hellbent on shoving women back to the “we don’t really matter as a gender” era!

Also interesting that Burt was seen as a sex ICON for his strip tease while Sharon has been seen as a sex symbol (for her BI spread [pun intended]). (My bad… I have a lot of planets in Virgo right now. Hence, the over-analyzing. 😉 )

Moving on… again.

Receiving an answer to my next question matters much to me,  I will pose it nonetheless.

Was Sharon seeking attention because of some insecurity that she has somehow, in some people’s eyes, become irrelevant since Basic Instinct?

Here’s what she had to say about posing au naturel for Mark Abrahams.

“I’m aware that my ass looks like a bag of flapjacks but I’m not trying to be the best-looking broad in the world. At a certain point, you start asking yourself, ‘What really is sexy?’ It’s not just the elevation of your boobs. It’s being present and having fun and liking yourself enough to like the person that’s with you. If I believed that sexy was trying to be who I was when I did Basic Instinct, then we’d all be having a hard day today.”

Flapjack ass or not, Sharon, your body and your attitude are amazing, and I’ve got nothing but love for you!!!

You keep doin’ you, boo! SMOOCHIES!

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