December 3, 2015

When Things MUST Change

I had the most interesting dream yesterday afternoon. I dreamt I was in a Chinese gift shop, and  my hands were on a pendant and earring set made of Lapis Lazuli.

As I was walking about the store, trying to decide whether or not I needed another laughing Buddha or elephant figurine, the earrings suddenly fell apart.

I was horrified.

As I knelt to pick up the pieces, I noticed people kept walking in front of me and over me. This irritated me to no end. I told them I was trying to pick up the pieces (in an indignant tone). “She’s trying to pick up the pieces.”, said the woman to her male friend with a smile on her face. He too was smiling then HE walked over where I was kneeling.  As I looked up at the woman, I noticed the shopkeeper was just standing about not being much help with a blank look on her face.

Anyhoo, I was able to find most of the pieces. I even found other wired gemstones that other people had dropped. One of them was a 2-inch long piece of what looked like Rhodochrosite bead chips.

Interestingly though, the carpet, when I first knelt down, was flat. Yet while I was digging about, it became a bit shaggy.

All of this symbolism definitely ties into my waking life, and the things that have been most pressing on my mind as of late.

So, I asked myself:

  • What is really irritating me?
  • What is holding me back from making this decision?
  • What am I afraid of experiencing?


=> Laughing Buddha symbolizes wealth, good fortune; the juiciness of life.

=> Elephant symbolizes mindfulness, power, dignity, happiness, and… good luck.


It is okay to want what I want. Just because I have chosen a certain path, it does not mean that I cannot enjoy the pleasurable things life has to offer. Nor I do not have to choose between one thing and another. If the choice makes me happy… GREAT!

Each person in my dream was an aspect of me, telling me something about myself.


When I choose to move through challenges un-phased in my demeanor and remain centered, everything will be less stressful. See all challenges as opportunities to shift to a higher level of being.

The blank faced shopkeeper was there but not really there.

Be present in all that I do. Increase my conscious awareness of my energy because what I am putting out is what people experience of me and I ultimately what I experience of myself.

Why increase what I do not like? DUH!

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