September 3, 2016

When You Are Not Heard

I find it interesting how patterns choose to play out in my life. One of them that has been seriously playing on repeat lately is the pattern of not being heard.

I find that in my professional life, I repeat myself more times than I prefer. It is as if the people to whom I am speaking are choosing to not hear me.

It is also as if when I tell them something the first time, they feel compelled to ask me for the same answer again and again and again as if my previous response was somehow untrustworthy. Even though, I am often told how much my expertise, insights, and advice are very much appreciated… and trusted.

So, what gives?

Is this karma come a-calling (again), or is The Matrix playing another game of “So, You Think You Don’t Really Matter?”

Who knows!

What I do know is that this pattern, karmic or otherwise, needs to released, and this month is presenting me with some powerful Universal assistance to do so.

September is a 9 month in a 9 year  (2+0+1+6), which means a shitload of stuff is looking to complete itself through me… and everyone else.

Since the pattern of not being heard is here… where in my life do I need to listen more?

Who, or what, in my life feels ignored… by me?

I know that patterns only repeat when I am unconsciously moving through life and ignoring the mirrors before me.

This pattern of not being heard is obviously prompting me to pay attention.

This September also brings two eclipses and Mercury is retrograding for the most part of it.

What this means is the energy is ripe for the adages “out with the old; in with the new” and “what could go wrong, will” to play out in full force.

As I look at “out with the old; in with the new”, I clearly see where I need to shift. And as I look at what needs to shift, I also know the importance for to pay attention and be mindful of how I choose to make these shifts happen for “what could go wrong, will” if I am not careful.

I need to shift in a focused way as to not cause myself any undue stress. #BeenThereDoneThat

What will also serve me well this month is for me to do a lot of deep breathing, mediation, and observing.

I pride myself on being wicked observant, which is why this pattern is vying for my attention.

It would seem that the prompts for me to observe what is showing up in my life are getting louder, and I know all too well how shitty things can get when I do not pay attention.

Some things have reached their prime, and my life is screaming at me to close those books.

By being more observant, I know that I will be able to clearly see the solutions on how I can accomplish this… with ease.

Much of what is said in the video below really resonated with me. Particularly, when Kelly spoke about what/who in my life is a thorn in my side / a pain in my ass and where in my life are my energies being drained.

Well, not being heard is a draining thorn… and it is time for me to shift it!

If this pattern is playing full out in your life, I suggest you take time this month for yourself to sit in reflection to allow solutions on shifting it to present themselves to you.

Some of the video’s key points:

  • Consciousness is brimming with new insight and understanding about your life and future;
  • Discover new ideas and concepts that excite you;
  • Allow new thoughts to simmer before you take action;
  • Self-discovery opens new doors for you.

Crystal Friends

Play with any, or all, of these yummylicious crystals to help you with staying in your power, keeping your field clear, and keeping you grounded during times when you feel you are unheard.

  • Aegerine
  • Amblygonite
  • Black Obsidian
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Chrysocolla
  • Datolite
  • Golden Labradorite
  • Labradorite
  • Larimar
  • Lithium Quartz
  • Onyx
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Tiger’s Eye


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