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November 7, 2015

Where have you gone, Aunt Flo?

When I was 14, I ran out of the bathroom, undies down to my ankles, and proclaimed (in front of my horrified mom) that I was finally a WOMAN!  Yes, dearies… I had started my period.

Up until my mid-forties, my periods had been no cause for celebration. Even though, I was one of the fortunate ones who only experienced minimal discomfort, I nonetheless deemed my monthly time as something to dread and despise. After all, many religious beliefs claim this time of month as when a woman is unclean.

So, instead of honoring my womb, I joined the rest of the sheep, drank the Koolaid® and condemned it.

The fact that I am openly discussing my period in this post would, in some cultures, be just cause for a public flogging. Actually, this is a possibility within my bio-fam because they like to keep their “dirty laundry” all quiet and what-not and away from peering eyes.

However, I am, and will always be, the one in my bio-fam who does not give a damn. And for anyone who disapproves… bugger off!

“What other people think of me is none of my business.”

Let them cringe and cower in a corner cursing me to the end of days.

I… do… not… care.

There is no shame in my game. OBVI  😀


Today, I am pulling in 48 (only a couple of months to go… yay!), and my relationship with my period has changed dramatically. I finally understand what so many cultures already knew as truth.

I finally understand that my blood is life-affirming. It is about rebirth.  It is about renewal. It is sacred and wise. And it is a blessing.

Nowadays, my sacredness no longer flows out of me every month. Instead, Aunt Flo pops in for a brief spell every couple of months or so. Only instead of tossing my power aside… I collect and preserve it in a little bottle where it is honored and nurtured and used in my spiritual workings.

The Crone season is truly upon me.  Like the Phoenix, transformation is inevitable… therefore, I embrace it with every ounce of my being.

Let the games begin… again!

[You may be wonderin’, “What in the hell is Adonya talkin’ about missin’ her monthly on this fine, fine Saturn day?” Or not. The question definitely crossed my mind, and I will tell you this… this is just how I operate in my world. Anything goes because anything is possible!  😀 ]


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