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September 2, 2018

Whispers from The Void

I am always fascinated whenever I am doing some mundane task, and a whisper beckons my thoughts to pay attention to it.

Thankfully, these whispers tend to very-quickly get my attention because I am often stunned by their presence or gumption.

For example.

Several minutes ago, I sat in what will soon be my temple space, and I was speaking a Divine name. I was asking this presence to make itself known to me.¬† And as per usual, this spirit ignored my ass. Not surprised considering I labeled being in my temple as a mundane task. ūüėÄ


While still focused on the flickering flame of my black candle, I heard the name Samael. To say I was taken aback would be a gross understatement.

Much has been written about this essence, and the majority, if not all of it, is bullshit. Why? Because most writers spew the religious crapola instead of meditating on the essence to acquire its Truth.

“A lie will have traveled the entire world while truth was still donning its shoes.”

Here is an example of said BS.

Samael is described as being ‚Äúchief of the Satans.‚ÄĚ One of the most wickedest angels, he is nevertheless said to be an angel in the service of the Lord.

And another example.

Samael, functioning as the left hand of God, is consort of both the voluptuous maiden Naamah and the arch-she-devil Lilith.

Awww. hell nah!¬† Did this person refer to the Great Mother as an “arch-she-devil”?!?¬† Just put a pin in me ’cause I am done!


Another example.

Samael (Hebrew SMAL, ‚ÄúThe Liars‚ÄĚ)

Basically, every religious text I have ever read has been one lie after another.  I am not even remotely surprised that their closed minds would deem a Divine Essence as being false.


Another example

Samael¬†(Hebrew: ◊°÷∑◊ě÷ł÷ľ◊ź÷Ķ◊ú‚Ĩ, “Venom of God,” “Poison of God,” or “Blindness of God”; rarely “Smil,” “Samil,” or “Samiel”) is an important archangel in Talmudic and post-Talmudic lore, a figure who is the accuser (Ha-Satan), seducer, and destroyer (Mashhit), and has been regarded as both good and evil.

Since I obviously do not have much to go on because anything daemonic will be written as if it is the same as demonic, I am left to my own devices.

To be clear…

Demons are a human construct.

Daemons are a divine construct.

Basically, if you are living from the space that YOU ARE GOD then you are the creators of these magnificent beings.

Of course, if you are stuck on stupid then please visit another blog.¬† Ain’t no place for you here!

Wait.  As creators, we also created those sheep. [sigh]

Moving on.


I feel this essence as being similar to Baphomet; not in the shitty way that Baphomet has been corrupted and raped into being. I am referring to Her true meaning/essence.  Yes, I feel this energy as being feminine.

Here is an example of how the sheep view the Dark Goddess.

The Satanic Temple behind a campaign to erect a monument to Satan next to the Ten Commandments sculpture at the Oklahoma Statehouse recently gave Vice an up-close look at the work in progress. And it is terrifying.

Terrifying? Really, sheep?!? Hell!¬† The bible is a million times more terrifying than any horror story I have EVER read, and here are just a few things that the sheeps’ “god” condones:

  1. Mass genocide
  2. Rape
  3. Paedophilia
  4. Incest
  5. Theft
  6. Abandonment
  7. Rejection
  8. Mental and physical torment
  9. Blood sacrifices


I have to move on. [sigh]

The image below offers a lot of food for thought for those of us living with our eyes and minds wide open.

As I look at it, my limited human eyes want to see conflict; duality.  However, my mind understands that what is being seen is Spirit and the physical realm being one and the same; no separation.

The symbols are reminders that I am SO much more than my body.¬† I am “the Universe experiencing itself through this physical form”.

As above, so below.

The Reminders

  • The two pentagrams touching reminding¬† me to bring Divine knowledge into ALL of my physical experiences.
  • The arms pointing in “opposing” directions reminding me that I am the truth; the way; the solution.
  • The two serpents coiling upwards reminding me of my Divine energy (kundalini rising)
  • The two dragons reminding that I am “shadow” and “light”; no separation / difference between the two.
  • The planetary symbols reminding me that I am stardust in action.
  • The all-seeing eye reminding me that I am Divinity in matter; that within me lies infinite possibilities.
  • The Ouroboros circling a hexagon reminding me that I am an infinite being; the piece and the whole; Creator and created.
  • The Calla Llily reminding me of my holiness.

These, of course, are my interpretations of the image.  You may see and feel something else.  Do you, boo!

Thank you, Samael, for reminding me who I REALLY am!

And to the reader,

May you ‚Äúemancipate yourself from mental slavery‚ÄĚ and choose to be the embodiment of your TRUE essence now!

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