May 8, 2015

Who is Painting YOUR Masterpiece?

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It is my belief that…

The moment we believe other beings (Angels, Guides, etc.) “grant/bless” us that which we seek/request (because we deem them as more “enlightened/aware/ vibrationally congruent/(insert your reason here) is the moment we deny the Divinity within ourselves.


The moment we allow other beings (our fellow humans) to paint our masterpiece (through following their lead in our personal and/or professional lives) is the moment we deem ourselves unworthy of the Divine power we hold within.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with connecting with the angelic realm or whatever connection you seek.

Hell… I have several prayers on this site that help you deepen that connection… to that which already resides within you.

The message that I am hoping to convey is this one… you are already an all-powerful being. All you have to do is believe for when you do, all that you seek will be able to reveal itself to you!

Gemmy Baubles for SELF-ESTEEM and Self-Love

  • Sunstone (not the fake lab stuff)
  • Chalcedony (in any color)
  • Rhodochrosite
  • Danburite
  • Aventurine (Green)
  • Rose Quartz

“Don’t let other people paint YOUR masterpiece! It’s YOUR life… YOUR canvas!”
~ Adonya Wong