January 23, 2017

Working WITH Spirit

For some years now, I have seen 2017 as a year of immense change.  A year where how I was showing up in the world would exponentially expand.

Now, I didn’t know how this expansion was going to take place. I only knew that something BIG was going to unfold for me.

For a while now, I have been rowing my boat upstream.  Going against the current in an attempt to get where I wanted to be on my terms. However, Spirit has always had another plan.

And it may require more rowing. The difference being is, this time, I will be rowing in the direction of a path I have never traveled.

Such is how Spirit works.

As humans, we forget who we truly are. We forget that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Even in those moments when I acknowledge my physical form, I forget that it is not in control of anything. It is merely along for the ride.


Sometime around 5am yesterday, I got the sense that I “needed” to hear something.  A message so profound that I would be forever changed.

So, I did what many people do. I headed over to BlogTalkRadio.

Interestingly enough, I found a show that had just began airing, so I jumped in their queue.  While waiting, I kept thinking about my inquiry. Yet, I remained open to receive whatever message I needed to hear in that moment.

And boy was my message a doozy. So yummy.  So juicy.

Now, I will not share what that message was. I will say this… shit’s about to go down. In a good way.

I will share that what I received was validation that the direction I am going is the right path. YAY!

For the first time, in a long time, I am extremely excited about what is to come. I feel I have been preparing, on some level, for its manifestation for some time. Years in fact.

My metamorphosis is nearing its end, and very soon, I will be emerging from my chrysalis… reborn.

This sharing is a perfect example of what happens when we choose to work with Spirit. My logical mind will say that I had no business being awake at 5am when I hadn’t yet gone to bed. Yet, I was. And to catch a show shortly after it began airing was also divine timing because I found the perfect person to deliver my message.

Spirit sometimes does that… guides me to someone who can pull me out of the fog, so I can hear what I need to hear… and move in the direction I need to go.

Moral of the story:

That greater aspect of you (your Spirit) always knows best! So, trust in yourSelf!

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