October 18, 2008

YMCA reaches out… for Autism!

Children are unique. Add autism to the mix, and life is even more unpredictable.

Holidays aren’t always celebrated in the same way. Explaining why people do what they do at certain times of the year can be a challenging task.

But, our children know more than we realize.  And being the good parents that we are, we give them credit where credit is due.

It’s nice when someone, other than us, wants our children to have the same holiday experiences as neuro-typical children.

It’s nice when someone else sits back, and thinks, “Wow!  There has to be another way.”

It’s nice when someone else finally realizes that our children matter.

Well, sometimes that realization comes when you least expect it.

If you’re a family living with autism, and you just so happen to be in the (859), consider yourself fortunate. Your local YMCA has acknowledged your cries for help, and they are now offering FREE services!

Many families with autism do not get the opportunities for social interaction and opportunities for recreational services for their entire family due to the conditions of the child with autism. At the YMCA, we are able to provide opportunities for families to interact and play together and the ability to connect with families with similar challenges.

It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the organization wakes up.  But for now, I’m all for baby steps.  After all, that’s how we get through each day.

Live well, my friends!

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