July 20, 2016

You Actually Don’t “Need” Money

Okay… hear me out because I can see your mind spinning out of control!  Just for a moment I want you to step out of a place of ego and allow what I am saying to sink in.

Does your Soul need money? No, it does not. This aspect of you observes for the “soul” purpose of expanding itself through physical experience. Money means nothing to your Soul.

Does your ego need money? No, it does not. This aspect of you thinks it does. It believes it is in control when it was actually designed to follow. Your ego “believes” through false memories and experiences that money is a necessary component for its existence.

The only aspect of you that requires money is your physical body. In this dimension (planet Earth), your body requires money (unless you are self-sufficient and living off-grid) for its basic “needs” like food, shelter,  water, etc. Additionally, this aspect of you has its own consciousness (body deva) and knows exactly what it needs, at all times, if you would only listen to it.

Anyone who tells you that you are not your body, or that your body is unimportant is doing you a disservice. If your body was unimportant to you then your “gut instincts” would be wrong… 100% of the time!

How many times has your body said “no” by knotting up your gut, yet you listened to your ego’s “yes” only to  have things go wrong? If you are like most people… I would say a lot!

Alright…  I can feel your resistance. However…

What if the resistance you are feeling does not belong to you?

What if what you are feeling right now is a false belief that you picked up from somebody else?

As an empath, I am all too familiar of the times I picked up shit that literally was not mine. What surprised me most was learning that the majority of this shit was based on someone else’s belief system.

One modality that has helped me shift, particularly where money is concerned, is Access Consciousness®.

SIDEBAR: I am neither a facilitator, practitioner nor affiliate.

This modality has helped me question every thought, emotion, and feeling by asking, “Who does this belong to?”

What I have noticed with this question is oftentimes I instantly feel lighter. [It is as if my body is appreciating the fact that I am listening to it in order to let go of the shit that was not mine.]

Next, I will say out loud, “return to sender with consciousness attached”. This statement releases me from any responsibility of figuring out from whom, and at what time in this life (or another lifetime), I picked up that false thought, emotion, and/or feeling. Additionally, by making this statement I return the belief to its source fully transmuted and functioning at a higher vibration/octave. YAY!

Of course, there have been times when I did not experience any lightness, and I love what this post offered by way of a solution.

I destroy and uncreate all of my projections, expectations, rejections, separations, judgments, and conclusions about money.

I also added “perceptions”. Better ‘safe’ than ‘sorry’. 😉

Now I know I have said a lot or maybe nothing at all. However,  it is my deepest hope that this post will encourage you to strengthen your relationship with a very important aspect of you… your body.

It always knows what is best for you.  It is that aspect of you that is of this physical plane. If you did not need it… you would be in another dimension; not here on planet Earth.

For the next 21 days, I invite you to tune it and follow your body’s guidance. Once you see the amazing changes manifesting in your life… you will never ignore your body again!

Life may be like a box of chocolates… HOWEVER, your body is in control of what is in said box.  Therefore, I hope you fill it with chocolates it enjoys! 🙂

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