August 11, 2014

Your Dream is Possible

Les Brown is one BadAss Mister, and this video is sure to get you FIRED UP! I mean, you’ll be so fired up that you may just burn up your undies because you will not be able to contain the fire from your Kundalini energy!  HALLELUJAH!!! 😉

Les says we are not given a dream if it wasn’t possible for us to achieve it! It is only when we are willing to take a chance on our dreams that we can achieve the “impossible”.

For those of us willing to dream… “life has a special kind of meaning”.  Oh, yeah!

“There is greatness within us all, and we are
more powerful than we could ever imagine!”

Move beyond your fears.

Move beyond your inflexibility.

And don’t let “someone’s opinion of you… become your reality”.

[Featured Image: found via Google Image Search; no copyright infringement intended]

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