January 1, 2017

You’re ALWAYS Manifesting!

I often see messages about how one can manifest this or that quickly, and my response is always the same… “You’re always manifesting, even when it is something you do not desire to experience.”

Is this comment always appreciated? No. However, I feel that there is a lot of truth behind it, which is why I always respond the same.

I have lost track of the number of times something manifested in my life that either made my skin crawl, brought me to a ridiculously state of never-ending UFOs… or thrilled me to pieces.

Many of those moments, I did not even think about HOW, or why, those experiences arrived as they did.

However, I have come to understand that it is my emotional state that holds the only key on just how powerful of a  creator I am.

I realize now that I must pay heed to how I am feeling in any given moment.

I must allow whatever is seeking to be expressed to have the space to do so… and be released, so as not to manifest more of the same.

My manifestations are all about my frequency because what I emit, I will always ALWAYS receive in kind.

So, as this year new year continues to rise above the horizon, I will look upon it as the gift that it is, and choose to navigate its waters in a New Way.

I will choose mindfulness… all day, every day!

I will choose to go with the current, instead of resisting. And yes, even in those times that the triggers come out to play, I will choose the higher path.

Triggers. That is all they are, and I can choose to default or choose a new way of being.

So, this new year will be all about the New Way.

Here’s to 2017… and the myriad of gifts it will bring to us all!

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